уторак, 16. март 2010.

England loves lavender !

The Mediterranean is the original home of the lavender plant and it loves to grow in sunny areas. It is not particular about what kind of soil it must be grown in because originally it was grown in rocky soil in very dry weather. Lavender loves the sun but will also grow in shady places. It grows in most countries on this earth. It is grown as a crop in the country of France and England loves lavender and it grows everywhere even though England is not a dry and sunny country. It is very easy growing lavender plant types.

Lavender loves the sun and it does best in a warm climate in soil that is well drained. Some types of lavender will go dormant during cold months and in the summer they bloom back into life. Lavender does not need a great deal of water to exist. You just need to plant it in your garden and let it go. It is best to remove the flowers to get more but you do not have to. It will bloom anyway.

Too much water is about the only thing that can kill a lavender plant. Avoid soggy or swampy areas in which to plant lavender because the roots will rot. Instead find an area up high in the yard where water drains away from the area. Living in humid weather presents a whole different problem to lavender so make sure to plant lavender plants far apart so their leaves do not get moldy. Plant with large spaces, about the size of another mature plant between them. If you live were the ground freezes and thaws make sure to mulch around the base of the plants to protect them, and then cover with burlap holding it up with stakes to protect the plants from cold winds.

Growing lavender from seed is almost impossible unless you have a greenhouse and a great deal of knowledge. Purchase lavender plants instead. You will see when you remove the plant from the pot that the roots are very large and can sometimes exceed the size of the plant. This is just the way lavender grows. Make sure to dig the hole a few inches larger than the roots and then spread them before covering with more dirt. It is a great idea to place a handful of manure and bone meal in the hole before putting the plant into the ground.

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