уторак, 16. март 2010.

Perfect Plants for an English Garden !

Here's good news for gardening lovers out there, it is possible to set up an English garden in one's own backyard and profit from it every year. It does not matter how much space you've got for your garden. What's more important is your choice of plants that will make your garden even more beautiful.

What are the plants that you could grow to add a touch of English elegance in your garden? The usual flowers that are grown in an English garden are perennial plants such as hibiscus, bee balm, phlox, veronica, and hydrangea. To complement your perennial plants, you may consider adding annual flowers such as marigolds, pansies, and cosmos.

And of course, English gardens are not complete without roses. You may use roses to border your lawn space or put them along a trellis-either way, the beauty and fragrance of roses will make your garden unmistakably English.

Flowers are not the only plants that should fill your English garden. To add variety and appeal to your garden, it is best to plant shrubs, herbs, and vegetables along with flowers in your lawn area. Planting grass is optional; it depends on your purpose for the lawn space as well as how much mowing you can do regularly.

For more details about English gardening, it is recommended that you ask a long time gardener who can provide you, in detail, thousands of appropriate plants for English gardens. They are surely your trusty guide to forming the kind of garden you've always desired.

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